Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dev time?

So, writing apps really isn't my full-time day job.  It's my passion.

We started using Game Maker Studio to try something that produces android and iOS native apps so we can have a snazzy check-in app for student coming into CASA for an advising appointment.  Get them engaged, ask some basic questions, and invite them to start exploring majors and creating their story, interactively, before their appointment, so they come to the advisor excited and ready to discuss options.

Today I found this article:

So, it looks like GMS isn't ready for prime time (something we already knew from issues with the http_get method failing).  But the developers seem to be working on it at a quick rate.  And it IS an excellent rapid prototyping system.  If we need to re-write apps for release, so be it.  All the resources will be ready, as well as a lot of the logic.

Besides, I'm quite enjoying this.

BUT!  Today I won't have a chance to work on it.  Today, working on a mail-merge, lots of meetings, and completing the Student Advising Notebook application written in C# MVC 3.0 - want to release that as soon as possible so that advisors have a chance to try it and provide feedback.

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