Thursday, July 12, 2012

Apparently, I love to work

Today's list of completed tasks:

  • Pull a list of currently enrolled students
  • Attend Coordinating Council where we interviewed a candidate for Business Manager and Data Analysis
  • Reviewed annual reports from other CASA units
  • Fixed Pidgin not connecting on two computers
  • Worked with Matt on scrolling with acceleration in GMS
  • Answered 22 emails and deleted over 100
  • Added advisors to Animal Sciences advisor list
  • Fixed Reisher Scholars Committee app to display all students that applied
  • Pulled lists of Transfer Students in particular classes for targeted recruitment into Transfer Mentor groups
  • Dropped of projector with all cords located in the bag, picked up kids toy workbench
  • Attended karate class
  • Fixed orientation housing rate breakdown to reflect new tax distribution - adapted reports to have multiple rates per program per year, differentiated by date.  We can make deposits again!
Today I discussed:
  • Genetically modified crops
  • Physics
  • Quantum Physics
  • Teaching Multiple to Orange belts
  • Tai Chi Soft-Hands vs. Wing Chun
    • These are both "soft" arts which focus on relaxation, compared to Karate which is a "hard" art and driven by tension.  Of course, all styles use both relaxation and tension, so perhaps it's better to consider as "more yin" or "more yang".  Tai Chi soft hands has as a goal to connect and continue/redirect the motion where Wing Chun is more spring-board using their energy to strike.

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