Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Meltdown U - the Slate discusses student mental health

Today, I'm listening to this podcast:

Kind of scary how many students are anxious and depressed.  I was among them when I was in college.

At CSU, we try to address this in a multitude of methods including:
  • High engagement activities
  • Connections with RAs, Advisors, and staff
  • Messaging and advertising CSU Health services
  • Checkup in the fourth week of class - Taking Stock at Mid-semester 
As a tech person, I'm concerned with the logistics of how to advertise, provide service, discover student attitudes, and collect data on success.

This summer, this was what I was focused upon.  I am convinced that if a student is honest on the Taking Stock student strengths inventory and reflects on those results, engages with others to see what that means and how they can approach their weaknesses and leverage their strengths, that the college experience can be SO MUCH EASIER!

But, it's hard to engage, to confide.  Most students think they are the only one with issues, but every one of my friends in college struggled with these issues.  How do we cope?  Friends and outreach from trusted sources.  The inadequate resources of colleges are often an issue.  My advice now that it's all in the rear view mirror: find someone who can be your mentor.  Talk!

Any other thoughts on this?

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